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About the stories

True Life Stories is an online documentary series showcasing people who’ve overcome great challenges to be able to tell their stories. These people are using their setbacks to make a positive influence in the lives of others. Their journeys tap into the human spirit and capacity to empathy to share the message of hope. They’re created to make the viewer stop, consider a different point of view, and reflect on their feelings.

About the process

The telling of a True Life Stories tale begins with Annie’s ever growing list of inspirational people living in communities around Australia. These are often the unsung heroes – people making a difference the public hasn’t heard about before.

Annie meets the subjects of the documentary in person and hears their story and then, together with the production crew, formulates a storyboard for the shoot.

The shoot itself takes about 5 hours on site and the extended True Life Stories team works for about 10 hours post-production on editing.

While Annie Gichuru is the driving force behind True Life Stories, she works with an extended and professional team of videographers, editors, and production crew to turn stories into compelling documentaries. True Life Stories is completely funded by Annie and has taken three years to become a reality, after two decades of Annie dreaming of becoming a storyteller.

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Everyone has a story

Here’s part of mine.

I’m Annie Gichuru. I was a new mum when the concept of True Life Stories came to me. Bringing new life into the world certainly changes the way you view it. In the depths of my heart I held a lifelong dream of storytelling and when I evaluated where I was getting my news from I realised most of the stories left me feeling uncertain about the future.

I’d watch the news. It was confronting and relentless.

I yearned for stories of people who were doing great things, who were inspiring; making a difference through their work. I was a new mother and I wanted to surround myself and my child and family with a balanced understanding of the world. I didn’t feel the media gave us access to that kind of inspiration.

I was compelled to create something promoting messages of hope and incorporate my natural desire to tell stories.

I wondered if I could build a platform so others who felt the same longing could also make an impact.

My motto is simple:

Do what you are passionate about and use it as a force for good.

I’m honoured to share the stories from the outstanding and courageous people who have allowed me into their lives and hearts and shared a snippet of their journeys. Every time I am trusted with a story I realise how much it drives me to continue to make a difference in the positive news movement.

True Life Stories has become one small avenue to implement this shift. There are others – all brightly burning doing what they can to change the perception of ‘bad news’. My wish for True Life Stories is it allows people to feel the true power of hope.


I’d love our audience to have their viewpoints challenged and leave them inspired to chase their dreams and be the best they can be.

The concept was born with consideration for the next generation.

So, if you’re working with a school or organisation who’d like to join us correcting the imbalance of social media and regular news, we’d love to hear from you. You can also help us by getting behind the positive story movement by becoming a sponsor.

“We are who we are because of the stories that have been told, and those that are in the making.”

Annie Gichuru – Creator & Producer

I am a wife, mother, passionate storyteller and the creator and producer of True Life Stories (TLS).

I believe stories are the cornerstone of who we are. Stories from the beginning of time have shaped our beliefs and our identity. They have taught us about those who came before us, the lives they led and they have challenged our way of thinking and influenced our passion and even our very existence. We are who we are because of the stories that have been told and those that are in the making for future generations to come.

This is the reason I started TLS in 2014 whilst I was on maternity leave. It was during this time that I felt the need to chase my lifelong dream of storytelling. At the time, television had become a regular source of information and keeping up to date with current affairs but with time I came to realise most of the stories left me feeling uncertain about the future. Whenever I’d watch the news it was primarily bad news and it was relentless. As a new mother, it was overwhelming to consume the amount of negative stories that were being televised. I begun to yearn for stories of people who were doing great things, who were inspiring and making a difference through their work. This compelled me to do something about it and the idea to create a platform that inspired others was born. I was keen to counter the bad news with good news, to let our community know that there are good people all around and to remind us about hope. TLS has now become my avenue to do this and it is my way of playing a small part in sharing stories that uplift, teach, challenge and leave us feeling inspired to go and chase our dreams and be the best we can be.

My message is simple.

Do what you are passionate about and use it as a force for good.

That is where you will find your greatest fulfilment. I hope you find as much inspiration through the work of TLS as I have. I am honored to share the stories from the outstanding and courageous women who have allowed me to step into their lives and share a snippet of their incredible journey.

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