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Annie Gichuru is an engaging and highly inspirational speaker whose main message is centered around positivity. Her ability to draw in her audience through her skillful storytelling enables her to connect and deliver her message with great impact and humor. Annie’s creativity allows her to balance hard hitting messages in a warm and thought-provoking way that leaves audiences highly motivated. 

Annie’s Keynote Speeches Include:

  • Storytelling for Business: Using the hidden power of sharing personal stories for your businesses by being vulnerable and allowing your ideal clients to connect with you in an authentic way.
  • Cultivating a Positive Mindset: Your mind is the single most powerful tool you possess. Find out the steps to take to live a happier and more fulfilled life.
  • Owning Your Story: Don’t let other people tell your story. You have what it takes to be your authentic self and own your story without comparing yourself to others or letting your past circumstances define you.
  • Positive Storytelling: Unmasking the impact negative and fear-based storytelling can have on our mental health and wellbeing and why more than ever positive storytelling needs to be shared.

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As Featured in Behind The Brands

Read the inside story of Annie Gichuru – A Natural Storyteller as featured in Behind The Brands. Learn what drives Annie to showcase the True Life Stories of people who have overcome great challenges to make a positive impact on their communities and the world around us.

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Kind Words

“Annie has the ability to draw in a crowd through humour and geniuine warmth, quickly connecting and making them hang on her every word. She effortlessly motivates and encourages people to be their best through clever story telling.”

Tamara Cook

Known Associate Events

“I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Annie Gichuru speak at three different events over the last year. She’s a natural storyteller who just keeps getting better and better. Her stories are engaging, her energy high and her emotions raw. And, each time she speaks, she shares little gems of wisdom, insight and optimism we can all learn from – not to mention a healthy dose of laughter. She’s definitely a speaker who makes an impact.”

Liz Green

Wise Matildas

“We asked Annie to take part and present at Barbagallo’s International Women’s Day event after we saw her speak and tell her story at Barbagallo Ferrari Driven Women Dinner. The way Annie speaks and tells her story is so beautiful and eloquent. The story she told just resonated so much.”

Jordan Hesse