Welcome to Wonder Woman Wednesday! Every Wednesday we feature women who are using their business or work as a force for good. The intention behind this blog is to raise awareness on the impact of doing good and to inspire others to think of ways in which they too can use their business or work as a force for good. By doing this we hope we will be creating a better community one business at a time and leaving this world a little bit better than we found it for future generations.

Tell us about your business and how you use your work as a force for good?

I run a marketing consultancy, marketing coaching and marketing agency called Vivacity Marketing, which is all about helping small business owners build a vibrant business through the range of services I offer. I launched Vivacity Marketing in July 2017 so I have recently celebrated 1 year in business.

My three main reasons for creating my business are:

1. To provide employment
2. To help the numerous small business owners that are struggling to get in front of their ideal client, as they simply don’t know how to market and grow their business. I want to help them succeed and build their dream business.
3. To donate time and money to those less fortunate than me and to the 5 charities that I am passionate about supporting each month. What’s the point of being in business if I am not making an impact in people’s lives and helping to make the world a brighter and more positive place, with less hardship.

What led you to using your business as a force for good?

When I worked in corporate for nearly 20 years, I was always really uninspired going to work each day, because all that seemed to matter each month is that we hit our revenue targets and leads targets. I couldn’t see these large companies wanting to help others, and contribute to more than just their bottom line. I always found that a challenge. If I had been part of an amazing cause or reason in my job, it would have made it all more worthwhile.

So as soon as I launched Vivacity Marketing I was looking for a cause to support, to make a real difference. But I also wanted to really understand where my donations were being used, and how I was making a difference. And then Opportunity International Australia found me. As soon as I heard what they were all about, and how they provide micro-finance loans to women living in poverty, so that they can start a small business, so that their kids can enjoy an education I just knew I had to help. Every child deserves the right to an education, clothes, housing, clean water and food.

What inspires you to make a difference in the lives of others?

Well I guess I grew up in a very comfortable family. I went to a great school, then I went to university for 4 years and I went back to university to study marketing in my twenties for another 3 years. I had every opportunity given to me, I probably didn’t appreciate it at the time but I definitely do now!

So I am inspired to make a difference and an impact in this world as there are just so many people out there doing it tough and I just want to help. I am in a position where I can so I will. As my business grows so will my donations and that feels really good. It means so much to me to be able to help, and I am very grateful that I have such a successful business that I can do that. The 5 charities that I support all really resonate with me for a variety of reasons. It’s so important to resonate with a cause, as this will inspire you to want to do more to help.

What is one act that anyone can do today to make this world a better place?

Be generous. This can be in a variety of ways. It could be donating time. Or donating products/services. Or donating money. Generosity is a core value of mine that I strongly stand by and I think that the world needs more generous souls.

Find out more about Vanessa and the work she does here.

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